Museum of Illusions
Museum of Illusions
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Museum of Illusions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure that an illusion hides more than a million!The Museum of Illusions in Dubai takes you on a social and entertaining journey into a magical realm which delights all generations. It’s a unique concept in UAE – a perfect place to experience something new and have fun with friends and family. It is not only a place for children to play and learn, but also for parents, couples, grandmothers and grandfathers.

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Museum of Illusions

Ambigous Cylinder

The illusion of a ambiguous cylinder creates a special geometry shape, either as a quadrant or as a cylinder, depending on the direction of view.

The optical illusion represented by two turntables, which, when turning, make a true hypnotic illusion.

The Chair Illusion
It is unbelievable how the perceived size of a person depends on the context which is suggested by the objects which surround it.

Ames room
In one corner of the room there is a giant, in the other a dwarf! Experience how a person walking back or forth either grows or shrinks before your very eyes in this incredible room of illusions.

Anti – gravity Room
This room is certainly a brain basher and will even shake up those who believe in the laws of physics as your brain and eyes make unconscious inferences about whether you are standing on a flat or slanted surface.

Rotated Room
Are you ready to radically change your view of the world? How about for 180 degrees?

Infinity Room
Have you any idea where fun and wonder never end? In the infinity room, the room of mirrors. Mirrors at full height are installed all around creating an optical illusion of infinite space.

The Vortex tunnel
When was the last time when someone made your head spin around and make you feel like you are losing ground? It must be love, right? Or maybe just another illusion? In both cases, it is important to let yourself go, so don’t be afraid to leave behind everything you know and jump into the illusion in our Vortex tunnel.

This optical illusion – the illusion of movement – is created by the rapid motion of a sculpture of specific geometrical features which is spinning under a strobe light.

Infinity Tunnel
An infinity tunnel is a set of mirrors with one fully reflective mirror and one partially reflective mirror. They’re set up so that the partially reflective mirror reflects an image back onto the fully reflective mirror, creating a series of smaller and smaller reflections which recede into infinity, or in this case a tunnel.

Clone table
This illusion will allow you to sit at the table with yourself. The seemingly large round table is actually a circular clip, which reflects a full circle in two mirrors at an angle of 60 degrees.

Oh, such a wonderful, colourful and continuously changing the world of kaleidoscopes! Being so amazed by it, we decided to firstly turn a visual instrument into one of our favourite toys, only to be interpreted into a new exhibit which is NOW AVAILABLE in our Museum of Illusion!

Swap Noses
Stand on the opposite sides of the mirror and align your face with the face of the person standing on the other side of the mirror. Now see how you look with a different nose.

Head on the Platter
Have you always wanted somebody’s head on a tray? Well it’s time your wish came true. Experience the illusion of a hidden body.

Tricky stick
This exhibit is played with a sense of space. The stick is attached to a horizontal plate that rotates and encounters a curved hole in its path. The human brain will automatically assume that the stick can not pass through the hole, however, due to the thoughtful geometry, the stick passes through the hole without any problems.)

Rubin’s Vase
You can keep flowers in this vase if you like, but that would be a real shame as its full potential can only be realized in the Museum of Illusions. Spin it and discover how many faces it hides.

Hollow Face Illusion
The need to recognize faces is so deeply rooted in us that we will fill any hollow space that we are looking at just to see the face.

Optical Illusion
Bewildering images which play tricks on you thus confuse your eyes and brain.

Magic Box
The images are hiding lies? Oh, but what kind of lies are they hiding? Nothing is what it seems in the Museum of Illusion, not even the pictures! Rest assured that your photos will be filled with an unusual background.

Holograms are amazing images which create 3D illusions. In their simplified form they are already present in our day to day lives on bank notes and credit cards. But, nothing in the Museum is simplified.

Museum of Illusions
Adult 70 Child 50/person
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