AL Montazah Water Park Sharjah
AL Montazah Water Park Sharjah
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Al Montazah Water Park

Starting From AED 145

AL Montazah Water Park Sharjah

Are you ready to be transported into an exciting wonderland with raging pirates, sunken treasures, magic carpets, massive palaces, hidden galaxies and more? Well, then these and a whole lot more are part of what await you at Pearls Kingdom. Come on over with your friends and family, and we promise you a day of nonstop excitement and entertainment!

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AL Montazah Water Park

Pearls Kingdom water parks


A lost land of wonder, jewels, magic and treasure… a valley long forgotten. Thousands of explorers have tried to navigate their way through these lands to find the lost treasure. Do you have what it takes? Will you boldly go to uncover the wonders that lie within the Forgotten Valley?
Next, it’s time to let your kids set sail into the ocean of adventure at the Pirates Coast. What awaits them here, amidst the rough waters and the daunting mountains, is the thrill, the magic and the excitement of heroically sliding down into the blue and bringing back the stolen precious pearls from the captive of pirates’ hidden treasures.


Next, you will find yourself lost in an exciting adventure wonderland at the Pirate’s Den. Start by climbing to the top of the colossal enchanted castle and get your pulse racing as you slide down squealing in excitement!


The magic of Pearls Kingdom continues with the exciting Flying Carpet. Hop on to the carpet and gear up for one amazing ride!


Standing tall and glorious is The Fort. As you near it, you are instantly transported into a world of majesty and grandeur. Discover the hidden wonders this ride holds within its colossal walls!

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The brave and bold. Those who can handle unlimited thrill. Just as you think that’s all there is to the park, suddenly there emerges the great magnificent King’s Palace. Standing tall just by the bay, this ride is an absolute must-do. As you make your way through its grand halls, to the very top, the view of majestic Pearls Kingdom and its nearby waters are sure to leave you spellbound.


Are you ready to get transported to an exotic dreamland? Well, then Sea of Treasures is where you and your partners need to be. Splash through the waves, explore wondrous underworld mysteries as you uncover the lost treasure and journey through the marvellous world that we’ve curated, especially for you!


Calmness. Serenity. Tranquillity. The first three words that will come to your mind as you step into our relaxing nirvana, The Great Oasis. That’s not all, the oasis is dotted with lush greenery, wrapped with refreshing air, and spotted with bright blue water.


Just when you thought a futuristic galaxy was the most exciting experience, there emerges a secret paradise with a dazzling lake. The Kids’ Sea offers your little curious explorers the chance to splash through its clear waters, explore the remains of an ancient ship and meet some amazing sea creatures too!


Are you ready to explore the soothing wonders of a hidden river? A secret tranquil river that bursts through The Great Oasis and is said to hide a giant pearl in its waters. Take a short break from the exciting rides and relax as you float through the gentle currents of the Mystery River.


An ancient legend speaks of a blazing meteor that fell from the skies millions of years ago… but is this a legend or reality? Is it a landscape… or a galaxy? Come on over to discover the truth behind the legend of Kids’ Galaxy!

AL Montazah Water Park Sharjah
Starting From 145 AED/person
“What a great experience! I arranged the Desert Safari for my friends during their first visit to Dubai. They loved it! The merchants at our first stop were a little have to be stern, yet respectful, with them if you are not interested in purchasing. Some of the items they try to make you buy can be found cheaper at the campsite. ”
Dinner in the Sky
Nafisa Bunch
“Dawood helped us and was very courteous during the trip. He showed us all the important places in Dubai and was patiently answering all our queries.”
Shivanand Mohan

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